Flatweave and Its Advantages

Floor coverings are expensive, and the industry is always searching for product lines that fulfill every price need.

Enter a new and exciting line of flatweaves.

Flatweave as the name implies is a simple over and under weave in the weft of the carpet. Patterns are made by changing colors and/or yarn at crucial lines in the warp (up and down) threads. There are no knots or pile. The pattern on the rug is the same on both sides.

Illustration of flat weave rugs.
Flatweave - no knots; no pile.


These rugs offer a lot of advantages.

They are budget friendly. Prices fall roughly in between hand-knotted rugs and custom carpet (fabricated rugs).

They come in a large variety of colors. Truly, lots of them.

On the other hand they can be neutral and neutral with all over patterns. As neutrals they have the potential to make more of a statement than carpets.

They can be ordered in any size. And any shape.

They feel great on the feet.

Check out a few selections below. These and many, many others are available, for the time being, in our Tampa showroom.

Alg 134 Blue Ivory flatweave rug
Blue Ivory



Cap 402 charcoal large flatweave rug
All over pattern - charcoal



Capri charcoal flatweave runner
All over diamond pattern customized as stair runner



Tan 223 yellow/charcoal flatweave rug
Yellow and charcoal



Sev 321 Caribbean flatweave rug
Large cut Carribean flatweave


Flatweave display rack
Sample display rack - currently in Tampa