Bold Creativity at NY Rug Show

by Mike Bailey

The New York Rug Show has become a bit of a trend-setter, at least according to vendors that I like and respect.

It was held during the second weekend in September this year. My wife Karen and I took it in from top to bottom. 

When it comes to trends, I confess to being a very amateur predictor. It is hard enough keeping our inventory supplied with rugs that our designers are currently buying. It's damn near impossible to supply what our designers may buy in the future.

That doesn't keep me from marveling at the boldness of some of the new designs. What I'm going to show you is work by experienced rug makers. They have been in the business much longer than my 15 years. They have found ways to design and sell new rugs and they have been doing it for decades. 

Abstract Geometric - Eye Catching Patterns

I found that some makers are stepping out with bolder geometric patterns, deliberate attention-getters.

Deep Blue and gray tiger-like pattern. Lots of tigers at this show.

Black and white tiger-stripe pattern rug

Op art with a modern twist

Op art pattern


These were some eye-popping rugs. The makers here are well established rug merchants who have a keen eye for world markets. Will the design community respond to this trend? Who knows? I certainly don't. But I confess to really liking them.

In every case the craftsmanship is overwhelming.


Rug with horses


Rug with lion at pool of water


Rug with tigers


Rug with blue-eyed tiger

Tiger on traditional Egyptian Mamluk design

Tiger on traditional Egyptian Mameluk

Cave Painting

Rug designed with cave painting

Also of Interest

Vendors were telling me that in certain places around the country rugs with tight, organized patterns, also known as grass patterns, and in neutral colors were selling well.

I encounted the same pitch in a subsequent trip to India.

As a matter of fact, a top buyer for one of our vendors told me that grass patterns are the next big thing.

We have not seen this demand in our Florida markets yet.

Grass Patterns

Neutral pattern rugs